Goddess Shoes, Pokemon Stickers and Retro Cameras :D

Yesterday I was shopping with some friends when I saw in the window of Journey’s…knee high converse. They were just so amazing. They were like the shoes of god. They werethe original converse…except they laced up all the way to the knee. They were huge, and I loved every inch of it. So today, I convinced my mommy to order them for me. And there we go! My new beautiful god-like shoes should come in about a week.

imagine these beauties with white laces...although the pink ones are giving me ideas ;D

imagine these beauties with white laces...although the pink ones are giving me ideas ;D

So there you have it. My new favorite shoe. Unique in the sense that like I’ve seen like 2 people in my lifetime wearing them. But that wasn’t the only exciting purchase/discovery of my yesterday. Shopping was a lot of fun. Because I just rampaged on all sorts of stuff. I bought me some pokemon stickers (which conventiently came in a pokeball CASE. How cool is that?!
Anywho…since you probably DON’T want to hear about my shopping extravaganza and since I’m getting really bored of talking about it…let’s talk about something more fun fun.
RECENTLY, my frind Vivian showed me this website. She’s a fellow photographer such as myself and the rest of you out there who enjoy the same. If any of you have already heard of it, don’t be all “oh I so knew THAT already” because I don’t want to hear about it. I just recently fell in love with photography and have been doing some stuff for deviantART. I’m not exactly “professional” in my eyes (the definition really depends on you), but I’m trying hard. Photography classes in school aren’t available to freshmen. Oh poo. ANYWAY. So there was this website that Vivian told me about. www.lomography.com is a camera webstore. But they sell the oldschool 1950-1960 style cameras. The ones that require special film and use the retro flashes and such. That site was like amazing to me. It would be like an honor if I could use one xD
Vivian is such a genius for showing me that site so mwah mwah to that special chick. There were two models that made me go Oooo. So if you give me a second I’ll find a picture of each. D:<

one of the models that make me squeal.

This one is the Diana+ Edelweiss Edition. It’s really oldschool, uses a special kind of film and is around $60 bucks JUST for the starter pack. When you add all the lenses and carrying case and film it comes to around 200 to 300 dollars. Craaazy D:
I admit it’s a LOT cheaper than my current Sony Cybershot is. It’s a digital. But not the small ones. Rather more advanced. Sony Cybershot DSC-H50. It’s probably the closest thing I can buy to a Digital SLR which are like crazy expensive. Mine was about 400-500 dollars DX
the second camera of squealing.

the second camera of squealing.

 This camera is the one I want more. I mean- LOOK AT IT. It has the old fashioned flash which works like the old fashioned flash. And also has been updated with different camera settings. it’s the Diana F+ and it’s like all the world’s amazing jammed into one little camera DX You know, aspiring young photographers (such as myself) should use cameras like this. A way to modernize the past and still using old technology in a way. Oh my god I want it bad XD

Moving on. Like I said before, I am an aspiring photographer. And I DO have a dA account. I’m not that good (which is all going to change because I’m going to take photography as an elective in my sophomore year of high school >:D) So I’ve decided to be a dollface and give you the link.


Knock yourselves out. Because I want views even if you don’t like it ;D And hopefully, I just become okay overnight (not happening) or I can get my hands on a couple classes and become better so I don’t have to invest in photoshop even though it’s nice to have it. But in my opinion, photoshop is just the cherry on top. It’s the photographer’s job to make the lighting and and location and stance to work so photoshop is just used for enhancing colors or cropping or whatever your heart desires =D

If you are too lazy to open the link. Below, I’ll give you a picture as an example of my work. At least something I personally enjoy ._. Or something that makes me feel like I’m not as amature as I really am. XD


this is the unphotoshopped version because I didn

Have fun reading. I enjoy pictures O.o
~~ANII 😀

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  1. ahaha. it’s ME! whoa. i feel so special to be on your bloggie woggie. ;D

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