Broken Chairs

Kind of a lame title for an entry, eh? I mean the most I’m probably going to write about this is like one paragraph tops but it’s not like you can just go 4 pages of talking nothing but chairs in broken form. I’m sitting on a broken chair believe it or not (ooh the excitment). It broke yesterday. And if somebody filmed it, they would be laughing pretty hard. See I always land on my chair with a “ka-thud” which is probably the reason why is snapped anywho. Anway, I ran in (as usual) and slammed my buht on the chair and heard a crack. But being the lazy and oblivious little chick I am, I continued swinging and twirling with joy as usual. And then half of my chair breaks off and I swing over to the side, my feet flailing all directions. And my head comes 2 inches from hitting the side of the bed (which is sharp). So after that near coma experience, I started laughing hysterically and found a new hobby. Seeing how far I can tilt over without hitting my head against the bed and dying 😀

I’m easily amused.

New Topic! School seems to have just jumped onto my shoulders, trying to ride me like a mechanical bull. I AM NOT A MECHANICAL BULL D:<

But transitioning into school wasn’t easy. It seems as though school has really actually started (oh jeez DX). I’ve got tests all week, I’m drowning in homework and it’s going to be hard soon to update my blog *tear tear*

I guess that’s highschool. I’m only a freshmen and am not as knowing as others of the workload. But I think I’m starting to get it. In school, we are reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and it would be a good book…if I could understand it. I swear, some nights I just sit there re and re and rereading the same passage because the book just makes no sense! And it’s abridged too (DX).

I should be working right NOW, but…I’m going to rebel against school and do whatever I want!!! >:D



So today in Science, we were all sitting silently in our seats waiting for our teacher to come back, when this kid sitting about a row away from me looks over to the guy next to him and goes: “Are you Christian?”. I didn’t hear it right at first, but I’m pretty sure I got the jist of what was going on after the kid said no. He was like: I WILL SAVE YOU D:< and said he was purifying him. And when he was done he said: Now you have been saved. God is on your side.

100%. True Story. Scary Story. *shivers* It’s not that I hate Christians or am against them because I don’t. I accept all religions (let me make that clear). It’s just people like him that give Christians a bad name. Sorry if your one of those people, but that kind of scares me…jeuuuust a wee bit ._.

Well I have to go. Homework is a waiting! Keep reading and always remember to floss, brush, the whole enchilada 😀



One Response to “Broken Chairs”

    you’re silly. and i almost peed my pants imagining you on that chair.
    ok, bye!

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