The Fall Drama

I love theater. I have always loved being in the limelight. Or at least on stage. Because what it comes down to, I love performing. Whether it’s singing or dancing or acting I have always LOVED the stage. And I plan on it staying that way. Especially since auditions for the fall drama are tomorrow after school. I would have been all “Yay!”-

Just one wee little problem. I am a freshmen. And before you say: “You have just as much chance as anybody else audition”. That’s where you are wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Like a pig and a turtle having an affair WRONG. The wee problem is that freshmen are new to the school. The teachers already have favorites. And secretly, have already picked out in their heads which upperclassmen would best fit the roll of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady or who would best play Christine for Phantom of the Opera. It’s just not fair!

Tomorrow is the day that I walk into the theatre with all sorts of hope only to be shut down ripped out and tossed aside by the horrible thing we call showbiz D:

Well anyway, I found out by a theater insider that the drama we are doing is called: Don’t Drink the Water. Anyway, I havn’t ever heard of it but I saw a couple performances of it on Youtube and I decided to look it up on Google. For a synopsis at least. Here one sec let me find it D:<

The second film to be made from Woody Allen‘s successful stage comedy (following a 1969 feature starring Jackie Gleason), Don’t Drink the Water is a made-for-television adaptation directed by and starring Allen himself. The fish-out-of-water premise remains the same: Allen plays Walter Hollander, a caterer from New Jersey who takes his family on vacation to a fictional Eastern European country. The trip turns sour when, thanks to a series of misunderstandings involving some inopportune snapshots, they are accused of espionage. The family goes on the run, taking refuge in the American Embassy. There, with the help of a wily young diplomat, they try to figure out a way to return to America without sparking an international incident. Though this version is set 25 years later than the original film, the changes are mostly cosmetic: the visual style is hand-held and more frantic, and the script replaces numerous references to the Cold War with a few glancing nods to present-day politics. Another notable change, the addition of an opening montage parodying newsreels, was reportedly the result of network pressure after Allen‘s initial cut proved too short for the planned time slot. ~

That was the best of a summary I could find, but it did help a lot. You know…after looking up certain words in the dictionary and all that fuss. It doesn’t make me feel any better though. It’s supposed to be comedic but so far I’m barely grasping the main concept of it all. I guess all I can hope for is a good roll…or at least a roll at all x_x

Wish me luck and keep on reading!



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