Marvelous Day! How About You?

Today just like BEAT all marvelous days by a billion! Remember last post about me being all scared about tomorrows audition? Well I shouldn’t have been because I did really well! Except for the minor mistake (I lost my page. But in my defense, they were not stapled right D:<). Anywho, I got up there spoke my loudest clearest and bestest. And it was a success! I am so proud of myself right now!

And that does not cease the great day. MY AMAZING CONVERSE DECIDED TO POP IN A LITTLE EARLY. I came home all tired yet bouncy from the exhausting audition…BUT THEN. I spied a cardboard box from…CONVERSE. Oh my god. It was a dream come true! So I grabbed the box and bombarded down the door (or politely opened the garage and went in) and litterally tore off the packing tape (no joke. And they pack those things in pretty tight). There it was. Staring back at me. It seemed as though a heavenly glow formed around the shoes because it was the only thing I could see. Just beautful shoe…and more beautiful shoe. I’m wearing them as we speak because I refuse to be separated with them for more than 10 minutes D:<

Sounds a little obsessive I know, but I have wanted these shoes for like 2 months now! Since my birthday and before that! I deserve this one day to speak so much about a pair of shoes.

Another thing that made my day was the research I conducted on impulse. During school, I looked at everybodys’ feet in the hall to see their shoes. You know, to see how many people were wearing them and how “original” I would be. And i found a grand total of (plus one…carry the two…*punches numbers into calculator*) ZERO people wearing those shoes. I’m so happy 😀

And the third and final thing that made this day oh so complete: We took a standerdized test last year that is required throughout the state last year and just today we got our scores back. I personally have never done too well in Math because…I hate math. DX

BUT! Apparently I had got Accelerated Proficient in Language Arts and Science and Proficiant on Math. Acc. Proficient is the highest rating and Proficient is the second highest. That’s a little new for me. :]

So yeah, today was a very very good day which is new for me mainly because of my Angsty meets Spazzer personality. I like it.


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