Update on the Fall Drama

I bet you are wondering what happened to my audition and if I got in or not, especially after my whole rant on how “wonderfull” I did. If I tell you what happened, you might laugh at me…but that is a risk I’m willing to take. I didn’t make it after all, but I’m not like heartbroken because of it (truthfully some of the people who auditioned get on my last nerve). Huzzah to whoever made it! It really is hard to make it into these high school shindigs (DX). Hopefully I have better luck in the Spring when we perform Gypsy.

Yeah I know. You’re laughing at me. I’ll give it to you. Keep reading when your done O_o


Anyway, I know it makes me seem like I have no like: you know, double entrying and stuff but that’s because…as of now I DON’T have a life 😀

Just wanted to update you on that little smidge of information.



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