I’ve Got Spirit Yes I Do.

I never realized how spirited my high school was. Even with our terrible football team, and the constant living in the shadow of our rival high school, we still manage to fight it off with a good ol’ pep rally. Yesterday, during the last hour of the day, we spent it clapping and jumping up and down in the bleachers cheering on the shiny gold reflective underwear wearing varsity cheerleaders, watched pie fly into the face of our principal, and listened to the band play the drums loudly in the hall. Yay.

It was fun because we got out of class on a Friday and all, but it was also a very interesting experience. First of all, the varsity cheerleaders had reflective gold shiny underwear that literally glimmered in the afternoon sun XD! They did all sortsa flippy turns and stuff, so..I saw a lot of that. Since everyone standing on the bleachers, I felt a need to do the same. Too bad for me, being tall, it’s hard to balance one’s body. So I kept falling backwards into poor Min Jeh (sorry buddy DX). So in the end I had to sit.

Bad kiddies don’t get to stand on the bleachers with all the big kids D:

In the end it was fun to see our school in action. Wearing our school colors, flaunting them with our pride.


(sorry for not updating often ._. school has taken over me DX)




UPDATED DEVIANTART: www.lookingglasschariots.deviantart.com


P.S. Also got new funky slippers. check them out!


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