About the Author

Hello. My name is Ani. I love my freedom of expression because without it, it would be really hard to figure me out. I created my blog to give people a little slice of my life whether you want it or not. I’ve always wanted to be on stage performing because I like the attention and I love to entertain. My hobbies are photography, writing, dancing, acting, and singing. I’ve tried drawing before…but let’s just say…I don’t like it O.o

I love my zune so much. It has my everything on it. My music, videos, pictures…and basically everything. I’ve gotten that speech about Zune being an “iPod fake or a poser” but in my defense…iPods were not the first slick and pretty portable MP3 Player. For example, Zen came out before iPod. And my zune is limited edition pink…that’s cool 😀 Also for some reason really small on the back it’s engraved: Hello From Seattle.

Hello Seattle 😀

I love to sing and dance when no one is home. I sing loud and sometimes it doesn’t sound good. But no one is home, so who am I to care? I just reset myself and start over. I create choreography to music and I practice after school (no one is home after school). I compose music for the piano. Basically, I pop out of my shell when no one is home because no one is their to judge you.

However, I get a little scared when I’m at my weirdest that somebody is possibly recording it and it’s going to be all over YouTube the very next day D:


I know who my friends are. And you know who you are if your my friend. I know who I hate, and you may not know who you are because I’m secretive with that.

I love Asian Brands (Taiwan/Japan/China/Korea). For examble, Babu bear, Gloomy Bear, Banao, Hello Kitty, Monokuroboo, Doraemon, Harajuku, Pokemon, Digimon, etc.

So that’s a little bit about me. email be at ani.is.retarded@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments. I’ll try and answer them!



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