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I’ve Got Spirit Yes I Do.

Posted in Uncategorized on October 18, 2008 by demonslipstick

I never realized how spirited my high school was. Even with our terrible football team, and the constant living in the shadow of our rival high school, we still manage to fight it off with a good ol’ pep rally. Yesterday, during the last hour of the day, we spent it clapping and jumping up and down in the bleachers cheering on the shiny gold reflective underwear wearing varsity cheerleaders, watched pie fly into the face of our principal, and listened to the band play the drums loudly in the hall. Yay.

It was fun because we got out of class on a Friday and all, but it was also a very interesting experience. First of all, the varsity cheerleaders had reflective gold shiny underwear that literally glimmered in the afternoon sun XD! They did all sortsa flippy turns and stuff, so..I saw a lot of that. Since everyone standing on the bleachers, I felt a need to do the same. Too bad for me, being tall, it’s hard to balance one’s body. So I kept falling backwards into poor Min Jeh (sorry buddy DX). So in the end I had to sit.

Bad kiddies don’t get to stand on the bleachers with all the big kids D:

In the end it was fun to see our school in action. Wearing our school colors, flaunting them with our pride.


(sorry for not updating often ._. school has taken over me DX)






P.S. Also got new funky slippers. check them out!


Update on the Fall Drama

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on September 20, 2008 by demonslipstick

I bet you are wondering what happened to my audition and if I got in or not, especially after my whole rant on how “wonderfull” I did. If I tell you what happened, you might laugh at me…but that is a risk I’m willing to take. I didn’t make it after all, but I’m not like heartbroken because of it (truthfully some of the people who auditioned get on my last nerve). Huzzah to whoever made it! It really is hard to make it into these high school shindigs (DX). Hopefully I have better luck in the Spring when we perform Gypsy.

Yeah I know. You’re laughing at me. I’ll give it to you. Keep reading when your done O_o


Anyway, I know it makes me seem like I have no like: you know, double entrying and stuff but that’s because…as of now I DON’T have a life 😀

Just wanted to update you on that little smidge of information.


Does it Offend You, Yeah? (Album Review) ***** 5 STARS.

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Does it Offend You, Yeah? is definitely a unique band. Their album You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Into is gripping, addictive and very VERY danceable. This British band has four members (James Rushnet who does vocals and bass, Dan Coop who plays synthesizer, Morgan Quaintance who plays live vocal on Let’s Make Out synths and guitar, and Rob Bloomfield on drums) and displays a British Electro-Rock meets semi-screamo approach on music and originates from Reading, Berkshire.

Doesn't this make you the least bit curious?

Does It Make You Curious, Yeah?

The Band Members. Wait- Where is number four?

The Band Members. Wait- Where is number four?

Anyway, there are not enough words to describe the AMAZINGNESS of this band. I’ve always enjoyed British bands but this band just exceeds all! I give it two thumbs up and five shiny gold stars! This album comes with everything you want to have a good time. If you like bands like Bloc Party or The Libertines then this is the band for you. a definite buy. Worth every penny. Their song Let’s Make Out is one of their best. It’s danceable and makes you want to go out clubbing XD
I personally love the song Being Bad Feels Good and Weird Science because they make you want to get up and just start dancing with whoever wherever. It’s a great feel good album, perfect for spending time with your friends and having a good time.

Marvelous Day! How About You?

Posted in Uncategorized on September 18, 2008 by demonslipstick

Today just like BEAT all marvelous days by a billion! Remember last post about me being all scared about tomorrows audition? Well I shouldn’t have been because I did really well! Except for the minor mistake (I lost my page. But in my defense, they were not stapled right D:<). Anywho, I got up there spoke my loudest clearest and bestest. And it was a success! I am so proud of myself right now!

And that does not cease the great day. MY AMAZING CONVERSE DECIDED TO POP IN A LITTLE EARLY. I came home all tired yet bouncy from the exhausting audition…BUT THEN. I spied a cardboard box from…CONVERSE. Oh my god. It was a dream come true! So I grabbed the box and bombarded down the door (or politely opened the garage and went in) and litterally tore off the packing tape (no joke. And they pack those things in pretty tight). There it was. Staring back at me. It seemed as though a heavenly glow formed around the shoes because it was the only thing I could see. Just beautful shoe…and more beautiful shoe. I’m wearing them as we speak because I refuse to be separated with them for more than 10 minutes D:<

Sounds a little obsessive I know, but I have wanted these shoes for like 2 months now! Since my birthday and before that! I deserve this one day to speak so much about a pair of shoes.

Another thing that made my day was the research I conducted on impulse. During school, I looked at everybodys’ feet in the hall to see their shoes. You know, to see how many people were wearing them and how “original” I would be. And i found a grand total of (plus one…carry the two…*punches numbers into calculator*) ZERO people wearing those shoes. I’m so happy 😀

And the third and final thing that made this day oh so complete: We took a standerdized test last year that is required throughout the state last year and just today we got our scores back. I personally have never done too well in Math because…I hate math. DX

BUT! Apparently I had got Accelerated Proficient in Language Arts and Science and Proficiant on Math. Acc. Proficient is the highest rating and Proficient is the second highest. That’s a little new for me. :]

So yeah, today was a very very good day which is new for me mainly because of my Angsty meets Spazzer personality. I like it.

The Fall Drama

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I love theater. I have always loved being in the limelight. Or at least on stage. Because what it comes down to, I love performing. Whether it’s singing or dancing or acting I have always LOVED the stage. And I plan on it staying that way. Especially since auditions for the fall drama are tomorrow after school. I would have been all “Yay!”-

Just one wee little problem. I am a freshmen. And before you say: “You have just as much chance as anybody else audition”. That’s where you are wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Like a pig and a turtle having an affair WRONG. The wee problem is that freshmen are new to the school. The teachers already have favorites. And secretly, have already picked out in their heads which upperclassmen would best fit the roll of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady or who would best play Christine for Phantom of the Opera. It’s just not fair!

Tomorrow is the day that I walk into the theatre with all sorts of hope only to be shut down ripped out and tossed aside by the horrible thing we call showbiz D:

Well anyway, I found out by a theater insider that the drama we are doing is called: Don’t Drink the Water. Anyway, I havn’t ever heard of it but I saw a couple performances of it on Youtube and I decided to look it up on Google. For a synopsis at least. Here one sec let me find it D:<

The second film to be made from Woody Allen‘s successful stage comedy (following a 1969 feature starring Jackie Gleason), Don’t Drink the Water is a made-for-television adaptation directed by and starring Allen himself. The fish-out-of-water premise remains the same: Allen plays Walter Hollander, a caterer from New Jersey who takes his family on vacation to a fictional Eastern European country. The trip turns sour when, thanks to a series of misunderstandings involving some inopportune snapshots, they are accused of espionage. The family goes on the run, taking refuge in the American Embassy. There, with the help of a wily young diplomat, they try to figure out a way to return to America without sparking an international incident. Though this version is set 25 years later than the original film, the changes are mostly cosmetic: the visual style is hand-held and more frantic, and the script replaces numerous references to the Cold War with a few glancing nods to present-day politics. Another notable change, the addition of an opening montage parodying newsreels, was reportedly the result of network pressure after Allen‘s initial cut proved too short for the planned time slot. ~

That was the best of a summary I could find, but it did help a lot. You know…after looking up certain words in the dictionary and all that fuss. It doesn’t make me feel any better though. It’s supposed to be comedic but so far I’m barely grasping the main concept of it all. I guess all I can hope for is a good roll…or at least a roll at all x_x

Wish me luck and keep on reading!


Broken Chairs

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Kind of a lame title for an entry, eh? I mean the most I’m probably going to write about this is like one paragraph tops but it’s not like you can just go 4 pages of talking nothing but chairs in broken form. I’m sitting on a broken chair believe it or not (ooh the excitment). It broke yesterday. And if somebody filmed it, they would be laughing pretty hard. See I always land on my chair with a “ka-thud” which is probably the reason why is snapped anywho. Anway, I ran in (as usual) and slammed my buht on the chair and heard a crack. But being the lazy and oblivious little chick I am, I continued swinging and twirling with joy as usual. And then half of my chair breaks off and I swing over to the side, my feet flailing all directions. And my head comes 2 inches from hitting the side of the bed (which is sharp). So after that near coma experience, I started laughing hysterically and found a new hobby. Seeing how far I can tilt over without hitting my head against the bed and dying 😀

I’m easily amused.

New Topic! School seems to have just jumped onto my shoulders, trying to ride me like a mechanical bull. I AM NOT A MECHANICAL BULL D:<

But transitioning into school wasn’t easy. It seems as though school has really actually started (oh jeez DX). I’ve got tests all week, I’m drowning in homework and it’s going to be hard soon to update my blog *tear tear*

I guess that’s highschool. I’m only a freshmen and am not as knowing as others of the workload. But I think I’m starting to get it. In school, we are reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and it would be a good book…if I could understand it. I swear, some nights I just sit there re and re and rereading the same passage because the book just makes no sense! And it’s abridged too (DX).

I should be working right NOW, but…I’m going to rebel against school and do whatever I want!!! >:D



So today in Science, we were all sitting silently in our seats waiting for our teacher to come back, when this kid sitting about a row away from me looks over to the guy next to him and goes: “Are you Christian?”. I didn’t hear it right at first, but I’m pretty sure I got the jist of what was going on after the kid said no. He was like: I WILL SAVE YOU D:< and said he was purifying him. And when he was done he said: Now you have been saved. God is on your side.

100%. True Story. Scary Story. *shivers* It’s not that I hate Christians or am against them because I don’t. I accept all religions (let me make that clear). It’s just people like him that give Christians a bad name. Sorry if your one of those people, but that kind of scares me…jeuuuust a wee bit ._.

Well I have to go. Homework is a waiting! Keep reading and always remember to floss, brush, the whole enchilada 😀


Goddess Shoes, Pokemon Stickers and Retro Cameras :D

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Yesterday I was shopping with some friends when I saw in the window of Journey’s…knee high converse. They were just so amazing. They were like the shoes of god. They werethe original converse…except they laced up all the way to the knee. They were huge, and I loved every inch of it. So today, I convinced my mommy to order them for me. And there we go! My new beautiful god-like shoes should come in about a week.

imagine these beauties with white laces...although the pink ones are giving me ideas ;D

imagine these beauties with white laces...although the pink ones are giving me ideas ;D

So there you have it. My new favorite shoe. Unique in the sense that like I’ve seen like 2 people in my lifetime wearing them. But that wasn’t the only exciting purchase/discovery of my yesterday. Shopping was a lot of fun. Because I just rampaged on all sorts of stuff. I bought me some pokemon stickers (which conventiently came in a pokeball CASE. How cool is that?!
Anywho…since you probably DON’T want to hear about my shopping extravaganza and since I’m getting really bored of talking about it…let’s talk about something more fun fun.
RECENTLY, my frind Vivian showed me this website. She’s a fellow photographer such as myself and the rest of you out there who enjoy the same. If any of you have already heard of it, don’t be all “oh I so knew THAT already” because I don’t want to hear about it. I just recently fell in love with photography and have been doing some stuff for deviantART. I’m not exactly “professional” in my eyes (the definition really depends on you), but I’m trying hard. Photography classes in school aren’t available to freshmen. Oh poo. ANYWAY. So there was this website that Vivian told me about. is a camera webstore. But they sell the oldschool 1950-1960 style cameras. The ones that require special film and use the retro flashes and such. That site was like amazing to me. It would be like an honor if I could use one xD
Vivian is such a genius for showing me that site so mwah mwah to that special chick. There were two models that made me go Oooo. So if you give me a second I’ll find a picture of each. D:<

one of the models that make me squeal.

This one is the Diana+ Edelweiss Edition. It’s really oldschool, uses a special kind of film and is around $60 bucks JUST for the starter pack. When you add all the lenses and carrying case and film it comes to around 200 to 300 dollars. Craaazy D:
I admit it’s a LOT cheaper than my current Sony Cybershot is. It’s a digital. But not the small ones. Rather more advanced. Sony Cybershot DSC-H50. It’s probably the closest thing I can buy to a Digital SLR which are like crazy expensive. Mine was about 400-500 dollars DX
the second camera of squealing.

the second camera of squealing.

 This camera is the one I want more. I mean- LOOK AT IT. It has the old fashioned flash which works like the old fashioned flash. And also has been updated with different camera settings. it’s the Diana F+ and it’s like all the world’s amazing jammed into one little camera DX You know, aspiring young photographers (such as myself) should use cameras like this. A way to modernize the past and still using old technology in a way. Oh my god I want it bad XD

Moving on. Like I said before, I am an aspiring photographer. And I DO have a dA account. I’m not that good (which is all going to change because I’m going to take photography as an elective in my sophomore year of high school >:D) So I’ve decided to be a dollface and give you the link.

Knock yourselves out. Because I want views even if you don’t like it ;D And hopefully, I just become okay overnight (not happening) or I can get my hands on a couple classes and become better so I don’t have to invest in photoshop even though it’s nice to have it. But in my opinion, photoshop is just the cherry on top. It’s the photographer’s job to make the lighting and and location and stance to work so photoshop is just used for enhancing colors or cropping or whatever your heart desires =D

If you are too lazy to open the link. Below, I’ll give you a picture as an example of my work. At least something I personally enjoy ._. Or something that makes me feel like I’m not as amature as I really am. XD


this is the unphotoshopped version because I didn

Have fun reading. I enjoy pictures O.o
~~ANII 😀